Sheng Zhen is a system of standing, seated, and lying down forms and contemplations specifically designed to cultivate balance in one’s life. It promotes healing unique to each person and can accelerate the healing process. This is a practice which connects the practitioner with the energies of Love and Qi  purifying the heart and mind and cultivating one’s life.

Some benefits that people have experienced from practicing Sheng Zhen include:

  • Strengthening the body, improving blood circulation, increasing flexibility, and fortifying the immune system
  • Relaxing the mind, balancing the emotions, reducing stress, anger and anxiety
  • Opening the heart, cultivating compassion, joy and understanding oneself and the world.IMG_5166

Above all, Sheng Zhen is about opening the heart.

A joyful heart exudes strength and energy regardless of the circumstances. When your heart is open, the mind and body naturally relax, and you remain balanced and peaceful within. When you practice the forms along with the contemplations, you attain a gentle awareness of yourself and your relationship to life. Sheng Zhen helps you go through the ups and downs of life, seeing them as natural as the waves in the ocean. You experience a sense of confidence that no matter what happens in life, you can remain balanced and peaceful within.

 The heart is the commander of qi; qi is the commander of the blood.

The more open the heart, the more qi flows throughout the body.