Francie Shimaya has explored various healing practices, such as yoga, tai chi, qigong, reiki and meditation since the 1970s. In 2003 she had the opportunity meet Grandmaster Li Junfeng, the founder of Sheng Zhen Meditation, who lived in the same city (Austin TX) where Francie resided. She started studying with him and has accumulated thousands of hours of Sheng Zhen Meditation classes, workshops and teacher trainings under his guidance. She began teaching Sheng Zhen Meditation in 2004 and became a certified teacher in 2007.

Francie recognizes that she is at heart a student as well as a teacher. She has found that a regular Sheng Zhen Meditation practice has helped her keep a quieter, more disciplined mind as well as keep balanced physically and emotionally. Francie continues to remain committed to her own personal daily practice, which is the key to opening the heart, and through following the teaching principles that she has learned from Master Li, encourages her students to do the same.

In her classes, Francie lovingly and carefully guides students through the various Sheng Zhen Meditation forms. The Sheng Zhen philosophy  — relaxing the body, quieting the mind and calming the emotions to help participants open their heart to experience Qi and unconditional love — constitutes the basis of her teaching.

Many people want to study with a certified Sheng Zhen teacher, but they don’t have one living nearby. For that reason, Francie offers onine classes and can present workshops in your area. Check out ongoing classes on the calendar or to set up a class, see the CONTACT US page.

Li Jing, Yan Fang, Master Li and Francie Shimaya


Mark – I have been taking Sheng Zhen classes from Francie for over 5 years. Francie brings an honest open heart to all her classes, and her personal knowledge with Qi Gong is so obvious that you just know you want to be a part of it.  Francie will spend just the right amount of time going over the techniques to make sure everyone has the “flavor” of a particular move, then she will give equal time for the movements with no talking or interruptions.  For me, this is very important and perfect balance that Francie is aware of.   Not only is Francie steeped in the Sheng Zhen life style, she is genuinely a beautiful human being.  I don’t know if Sheng Zhen attracted the beauty, or if beauty attracted the Sheng Zhen.  Either way, Francie is a good disciple for this beautiful way of living.

Sharon – i enjoyed the loving open freedom of sheng zhen meditation with francie. It opened my heart further. thank you Francie.

Theresa – Francie is one of the most inspirational and spiritual qi-gong trainers I have ever met.  I have been attending her classes for over the last ten years.  The Sheng Zhen Austin will not be the same upon her departure.  I will miss her very much but wish her upmost success wherever she goes.
Don – “I have know Francie Shimaya since 2004 when I met her at a Sheng Zhen Teacher Training in Nova Scotia. Francie has become a good friend of mine since and I hold a lot of respect for her. In my heart she is remarkable on all levels. Francie holds great wisdom and insight into life and I rely on her when I am working for Sheng Zhen. She is a person of great integrity and speaks her heart all the time. All these qualities make a great teacher and one of the finest Sheng Zhen practitioners I know. She is committed to Sheng Zhen and helping others open their heart.”
Dorian: “Francie’s deeply loving heart, eye for detail and commitment to the practice makes for an unparalleled opportunity to learn Sheng Zhen Meditation. Francie brings immense patience, a sense of joy and an eye for detail to each class, helping participants learn the intricacies of each form. Of equal importance, Francie is always deeply present and willing to engage in conversations that encourage everyone in the room to grow their understanding of what it truly means to embrace a life grounded in unconditional love.”
Eve: Sheng Zhen is a gentle yet powerful meditative practice that can support one’s health and well-being, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Francie has been studying and practicing along this path for many years. As a result, she brings the wisdom of lived experience to her teaching. In addition, as a career educator, she has skills that enable her to share her knowledge with students in a way that is clear, enjoyable, and easy to follow. Francie is an excellent teacher who can help her students discover the possibilities that are contained in the practice of Sheng Zhen.