Certified Teacher

InstructorFrancie Shimaya has practiced various healing practices since the 1970’s and has studied Sheng Zhen Gong from Master Li Junfeng since 2003. She began teaching Sheng Zhen Gong in 2004 and was certified in 2007. Since the practice is truly the key to opening the heart, the cultivation of a personal daily practice has been her main focus.  In her classes Francie encourages and guides others to develop their daily practice. The Sheng Zhen flavors and philosophy constitute the basis of her teaching.

With thousands of hours of training with Li Junfeng, the Grandmaster of Sheng Zhen Gong, she began teaching the practice that she loves. She recognizes that she is at heart a student and a teacher and follows the guidelines as a teacher that she has learned from the master.

She serves the Sheng Zhen community as the distributor of Sheng Zhen Products and is a board member of Sheng Zhen Austin.

Many people want to study with a certified Sheng Zhen teacher, but they don’t have one living nearby. For that reason, I offer Skype classes and will present workshops in your area. To set up a class, see the CONTACT US page.


To view Francie’s bio on the Sheng Zhen website, click on the link below.